Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Meiwes-Broer

Name: Prof. Dr. Meiwes-Broer
First name: Karl-Heinz
Email: meiwes(at)
Phone number: +49(0)381 498-8912
Fax number: +49(0)381 498-6802
Secretary: +49(0)381 498 6801


Our main field of research is the investigation of free clusters. We study the nonlinear response of clusters in strong laser fields, optical properties of neutral clusters in ultracold helium droplets and photoelectron electron spectroscopy of mass-selected metal clusters using VUV- free electron laser (FLASH) radiation.

In addition, the project “clusters on surfaces” investigates nano-structures on surfaces and clusters on surfaces.


  • Atoms and Clusters
  • Experimentalphysik IV
  • Cluster und Nanoteilchen im Strahlungsfeld

short curriculum vitae

since 2007      Leader of the Department Science and Technology of Life, Light and Matter at the University of Rostock

since 2005      Spokesman of the DFG Collaborative Research CenterSFB 652 Strong correlations and collective effects in radiation fields (until 2017)

2003-2005      Head of the Institute of Physics, University of Rostock

2003-2009      Spokesman of the DFG Priority Programme 1153 Clusters in contact with surfaces

2000                Guest scientist at the Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne

1999-2006      Member of the senate committee on Research Training Groups of the German research foundation (DFG)

1997-2003      Member of the leading council of the German Physical Society (DPG)

1993                Nomination as full professor for experimental physics by the Ministerpräsident of  the State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

1992-1993      Guest professor at the University of Rostock, Germany

1989-1992      Second Assistantship: Spectroscopy on metal clusters, in particular with VUV- laser and synchrotron radiation. Cluster beam epitaxy. Several stays in US                              laboratories

1989                Habilitation at the Institute of Physics, University of Bielefeld, Germany

1984-1989      First Assistantship University of Bielefeld (Prof. Lutz): Spectroscopy of clusters, growth of nanostructures.

1984                Postdoc University on Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Prof. Stolte and Prof. Reuss: Reactive collisions of hexapole field-aligned symmetric top molecules with                 alkaline earth atoms

1983                PhD, Dr. rer. nat., Laser-molecular beams studies, Universität Bielefeld